Large companies invest for the climate with concrete projects

A variety of projects implemented by
AFEP large member companies to reduce their carbon footprint

Through their action and driving power, large companies represent a major lever for providing concrete solutions that contribute to the challenge of climate neutrality. 

The Ambition 4 Climate initiative illustrates, through concrete projects, the mobilisation of AFEP’s large member companies to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout their value chains. These projects are presented with factual data and figures and show the variety of recent investment decisions with a strong potential for reproducibility. Given their characteristics, they mobilise many players and encourage the diffusion of the climate ambition among their suppliers, customers, and partners.

Press Communiqué – July 2021 : 114 low carbon project implemented by 64 companies

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Wood’Art-La Canopée

Vitrine des expertises bas-carbone d’Icade et précurseur de la RE2020, Wood’Art-La Canopée est un véritable démonstrateur en matière de construction bois. Mixte, inclusif et à l’empreinte carbone réduite, Wood’Art-La Canopée est en…

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Energy decarbonisation

The project aims to reduce the share of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) in the energy mix of the company or its stakeholders.

Energy efficiency improvement

The project aims to improve the energy performance of its activities or those of its stakeholders, i.e. to reduce energy consumption for the same service provided.

Improvement of non-energy resource efficiency

The project reduces the consumption of "material or living" resources (but whose carbon intensity is significant given their need to be transformed by energy-consuming processes) of the company or its stakeholders for an identical service.

Sobriety in energy and non-energy resources

The project aims to reduce the consumption of energy or non-energy resources (but whose carbon intensity is significant) of the company or its stakeholders by changing uses or behaviour. In the end, the "service provided" is not identical; it is adjusted to a lower need.

Emission absorption

The project increases carbon sinks that sequester carbon originally stored in the atmosphere. The project can also use the carbon dioxide in an industrial process. These “negative emissions” represent an absolute and actual flow of carbon removed from the atmosphere.

Financing of low-carbon
issuers or disinvestment from carbon assets

The project reduces the carbon footprint of the company's investment portfolio by financing issuers with low-carbon activities and projects or, conversely, by disinvesting carbon assets.

Reduction of other greenhouse gases

The project aims to reduce, avoid or capture the emission of one or more greenhouse gases, other than carbon dioxide (CH4, N2O, HFC, PFC, SF6).