Supply of wind power with the signing of a PPA

In order to reduce the carbon footprint linked to its electricity consumption, in 2019 Fnac Darty signed a renewable electricity purchase contract or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Valeco, a wind energy producer, for 2020 and 2021.

Main project's drivers for reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

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Energy and resource efficiency

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Energy Decarbonisation

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Energy efficiency improvements

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Improving efficiency in non-energy resources

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Emission removal

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Financing low-carbon issuers or disinvestment from carbon assets

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Reduction of other greenhouse gases emission

Project objectives

Reduce GHG emissions linked to the use of electricity by contracting a PPA with a wind power producer.

Detailed project description

In 2019, Fnac Darty signed a renewable electricity purchase contract or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Valeco, a wind-power producer, for 2020 and 2021.

Since January 2020, the electricity produced by this wind farm operated by Valeco represents more than 14% of the annual consumption of the Fnac and Darty sites in France.

Located in Occitania, this wind farm has 6 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 7.8 MW.

The signing of a wind power purchase contract is the first step in this process of purchasing more renewable energy, which will intensify in 2022

Emission scope(s)

on which the project has a significant impact

Scope 1

Émissions directes générées par l’activité de l’entreprise.

Scope 2

Émissions indirectes associées à la consommation d’électricité et de chaleur de l’entreprise.

Scope 3

Émissions induites (en amont ou en aval) par les activités, produits et/ou services de l’entreprise sur sa chaine de valeur.

Absorption d’émissions

Création de puits de carbone, (BECCS, CCU/S, …)

Émissions évitées

par les activités, produits et/ou services de l’entreprise ou par le financement de projet de réduction d’émissions.

Scope 2 – Replacement of electricity taken from the network by that produced by the wind farm

  • Quantification :-857,1 teqCO2

Fnac Darty directly purchased the guarantees of origin for the wind farm, for production in 2020 of 18,714 MWh. Considering an emissions factor of 0.0599 kgCO2eq / kWh for electricity from the French grid and an emissions factor of 0.0141 kgCO2eq / kWh for the electricity produced by the wind farm, the annual gain in CO2 emissions rises at 857.1 teqCO2

Key points

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Invested amount

76 000€

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Starting date of the project


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Project localisation

Occitania, France

Project maturity level

Prototype laboratory test (TRL 7)

Real life testing (TRL 7-8)

Pre-commercial prototype (TRL 9)

Small-scale implementation

Medium to large scale implementation

Economic profitability of the project (ROI)

Short term (0-3years)

Middle term (4-10 years)

Long term (> 10 years)

Pas de rentabilité économique attendue

Illustrations of the project

This project contributes to SDG 13 Measures relating to the fight against climate change: by using less carbon-intensive wind energy, the project reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

For Fnac Darty, the signing of this first Power Purchase Agreement paves the way for other direct contracts with renewable electricity producers, as part of a strengthening of its responsible purchasing policy for its energy supplies.

Solvay Energy Services, in its capacity as balance manager, supplier and aggregator of renewable energy, manages the electricity production of the wind farm and guarantees the regularity of the supply on behalf of Fnac Darty.

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Contact the company carrying the project :