Wood’Art-La Canopée

A showcase for Icade's low-carbon expertise and a precursor to the RE2020, Wood'Art-La Canopée is a true demonstrator of wood construction. Mixed-use, inclusive and with a reduced carbon footprint, Wood'Art-La Canopée is directly in line with Icade's raison d'être, which is to design, build, manage and invest in places where life is good.

Main project's drivers for reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

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Energy and resource efficiency

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Energy Decarbonisation

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Energy efficiency improvements

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Improving efficiency in non-energy resources

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Emission removal

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Financing low-carbon issuers or disinvestment from carbon assets

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Reduction of other greenhouse gases emission

Project objectives

This project aims to build a series of demonstration buildings using wood construction (Wood'Art-La Canopée), whose carbon footprint (construction and operation) is greatly reduced compared to that of a conventional building.

Detailed project description

The Wood’Art – La Canopée building complex, located in the heart of the Cartoucherie eco-district in Toulouse (31), has a major particularity: its structure is 76% wood.


The project, which aims for a very low energy and carbon footprint (level E3C2 of the BEPOS and E+C- label) compared to a conventional construction project (steel/concrete structure), calls on local know-how, such as the local wood construction company Maître Cube in design-build with the Toulouse architecture firms Seuil Architecture and Dietrich Untertrifaller, all with bio-based and local materials (French CLT wood transformed by a French company and implemented by a company in Occitania). It participates in this sense in the structuring of the local wood industry.


The complex will eventually include a 100-room hotel, 2,750 m2 of shops at the foot of the building, a social building with 42 apartments and 95 homes, for a total floor area of more than 13,000 m2 on 10 floors. Wood’Art-La Canopée is the most advanced project of the ADIVbois-PUCA competition, which aims to present operations with a high wood component and a minimum carbon footprint.


The completion of this project will also allow Icade to develop its know-how in terms of off-site prefabrication.

Emission scope(s)

on which the project has a significant impact

Scope 1

Direct emissions generated by the company's activity.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions associated with the company's electricity and heat consumption.

Scope 3

Emissions induced (upstream or downstream) by the company's activities, products and/or services in its value chain.

Emission Removal

Carbon sinks creation, (BECCS, CCU/S, …)

Avoided Emissions

Emissions avoided by the activities, products and/or services in charge of the project, or by the financing of emission reduction projects.

Scope 3 – Wooden construction for the building structure (instead of a classic concrete structure)

Assuming an average weight of a “standard” building based on the C1 threshold of the E+C- label.

  • The project avoided 9429 TeqCO2 VS “a standard project”

Emission removal – Carbon storage in the wood used for the structure

  • Total CO2eq sequestered: 1416TeqCO2

CO2 emissions

  • Building A1: 812 kgCO2eq/m²sdp VS 1542 kgCO2eq/m²sdp (C1 threshold)

🡺 Difference 730 kgCO2eq/m²sdp for 1720 m2, or 1256 TeqCO2 avoided

  • Building A2: 779 kgCO2eq/m²sdp VS 1523 kgCO2eq/m²sdp (C1 threshold)

🡺 Difference of 744 kgCO2eq/m²sdp for 1270 m2, i.e. 945 TeqCO2 avoided

  • Building B1: 868 kgCO2eq/m²sdp VS 1587 kgCO2eq/m²sdp (C1 threshold)

🡺 Difference of 719 kgCO2eq/m²sdp for 1453 m2, i.e. 1045 TeqCO2 avoided

  • Building B2: 842 kgCO2eq/m²sdp VS 1568 kgCO2eq/m²sdp (C1 threshold)

🡺 Difference of 726kgCO2eq/m²sdp for 2399 m2, or 1741 TeqCO2 avoided

  • Building B3: 829 kgCO2eq/m²sdp VS 1491 kgCO2eq/m²sdp (C1 threshold)

🡺 Difference of 662 kgCO2eq/m²sdp for 1158 m2, i.e. 767 TeqCO2 avoided

  • Building C: 883 kgCO2eq/m²sdp VS 1776 kgCO2eq/m²sdp (C1 threshold)

🡺 Difference of 893kgCO2eq/m²sdp for 4116 m2, or 3675TeqCO2 avoided

Emission removal :

  • According to FDES collective FCBA BLC: 811 kgCO2 eq./m3 for 200m3 or 162 TeqCO2 sequestered
  • According to FDES Piveteau CLT: 836 kgCO2 eq./m3 for 1500m3 i.e. 1254 TeqCO2 sequestered

Key points

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Invested amount

1800€/m² SHAB parking included

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Starting date of the project


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Project localisation

Toulouse, Garonne

Project maturity level

Prototype laboratory test (TRL 7)

Real life testing (TRL 7-8)

Pre-commercial prototype (TRL 9)

Small-scale implementation

Medium to large scale implementation

Economic profitability of the project (ROI)

Short term (0-3 years)

Middle term (4-10 years)

Long term (> 10 years)

None applicable

Illustrations of the project

  • A mixed-use program to meet all of the neighborhood’s needs: free and affordable housing, social housing, EKLO hotel, shops, etc.
  • Co-design of future shared spaces with buyers via the Icade & Nous approach (AMU approach)
  • Symbiose by Icade offer allowing buyers to create and maintain their own private green space (balconies)
  • Creation of a garden on slabs for residents (positive biodiversity)

This demonstrator project in the third family of housing (R+9/R+10) can be replicated throughout France in local contexts, subject to financial feasibility with regard to the cost of local real estate, with a potential strong climate impact compared to traditional concrete projects.   

During this construction project, a partnership was established with Maître Cube, a national wood construction operator.

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Contact the company carrying the project :