Origine, Technip Energies’ new headquarters: a firm commitment to the energy transition.

Origine, Technip Energies’ new headquarters, is an environmental benchmark. Its demanding environmental approach and interior layout will provide a state of the art work environment for Techip Energies’ employees as of September 2021. This initiative is perfectly in line with the company's new energy transition strategy.

Main project's drivers for reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

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Energy and resource efficiency

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Energy Decarbonisation

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Energy efficiency improvements

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Improving efficiency in non-energy resources

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Emission removal

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Financing low-carbon issuers or disinvestment from carbon assets

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Reduction of other greenhouse gases emission

Project objectives

Reduce the construction and exploitation carbon footprint of sites occupied by Technip Energies.

Detailed project description

Origine is a large 70,000 m² office building programme developed by Icade. Technip Energies will occupy almost 80% of this building complex, i.e. 51,000 m², to accommodate approximately 2,500 of its employees from various functions (finance, communication, project teams, HR, etc.).

Designed by Maud Caubet Architectes and Quadri Fiore Architecture, Technip Energies’ headquarters reflects a demanding environmental approach:

  • Hybrid timber-concrete structure with 25,000 m² of wood flooring,
  • Creation of a low-carbon energy centre for the following needs:
    • Geothermal energy from water,
    • Supplementation by a district heating network (ENERTHERM – 50% renewable energy),
    • Roof equipped with solar panels,
    • Energy recovery from the condenser network and server rooms,
  • Green roofs (6,500 m² of gardens, patios, loggias, terraces, etc.).
  • Energy management and hygrothermal comfort is ensured through the use of ventilated double-skinned façades with integrated solar protection, depending on exposure
  • Optimized management of energy consumption through data collection that allows for precise measurement of all consumption and the impact of each contributor.

Icade has currently obtained the following certifications/labels:

  • Wiredscore Platinum
  • R2S 3 stars

And is expecting feedback shortly on the following certifications/labels:

  • HQE 2016 Excellent
  • BREEAM 2016 Excellent
  • LEED V4 Gold
  • WELL Core & Shell Silver
  • E+C- (E2C2)
  • BiodiverCity

ORIGINE participated in the Nature 2050 commitment by investing in the CasCioMar (Cassis-La Ciotat-Marseille) carbon offsetting project, a project chosen by Technip Energies, which aims at restoring marine environments on the Marseille coastline.

Origine was designed and developed using building information modelling (BIM), which can be used for operation and maintenance.

The lease in future state of completion (BEFA) that Technip Energies has entered into with Icade has enabled it to jointly build a project that is in line with its energy transition commitments. In keeping with the building labels and certifications currently being obtained by Icade, the company is now working on obtaining operator labels and certifications for Origine, one year after taking over the building and setting up its teams.

Emission scope(s)

on which the project has a significant impact

Scope 1

Direct emissions generated by the company's activity.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions associated with the company's electricity and heat consumption.

Scope 3

Emissions induced (upstream or downstream) by the company's activities, products and/or services in its value chain.

Emission Removal

Carbon sinks creation, (BECCS, CCU/S, …)

Avoided Emissions

Emissions avoided by the activities, products and/or services in charge of the project, or by the financing of emission reduction projects.

Scope 2 – This project will significantly reduce our electrical consumption greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The building will be occupied by the teams as of September 2021;

    At that point, we will be able to accurately quantify our reduction of emissions relative to our former building

Scope 3 – This project will optimise water management, consumption of consumables (shared post) and waste recycling.

  • The building will be occupied by the teams as of September 2021;
    At that point, we will be able to accurately quantify our reduction of emissions relative to our former building

NA at this time 

Key points

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Invested amount


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Starting date of the project


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Project localisation

Nanterre, opposite the Paris

Niveau de maturité

Test prototype en laboratoire (TRL 7)

Test en réel (TRL 7-8)

Prototype pré-commercial (TRL 9)

Mise en œuvre à petite échelle

Mise en œuvre à moyenne ou grande échelle

Rentabilité économique du projet

Court terme (0-3ans)

Moyen terme (4-10 ans)

Long terme (> 10 ans)

Not communicated

Images / Vidéos

This project contributes to the following SDGs:

– SDG 7 Clean and affordable energy (geothermal energy, energy recovery..)

– SDG Industry, innovation, infrastructure (mixed wood/concrete structure, BIM model..)

– SDG 12 Sustainable consumption and production (optimized management of water, consumables, waste…)

– SDG 13 Climate change (low-carbon energy pole, photovoltaic panels, etc.)

– SDG 15 Land life (green spaces, compensation project).

A partnership with Icade has been entered into through this project via the signature of a lease in future state of completion.

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